Basic Dot alexander

Nobody can escape vanity. Just wait for it.

2018-09-03 06:47:09

Basic Dot

Basic Dot kris

That’s a fairly sweeping statement, could you explain what you mean a little more? I’m not sure I understand your point.

2018-09-03 15:32:26

Basic Dot alexander

We had a teacher coming over home, so the education I received was somewhat unconventional.

One fine day, my father returns back early from work and catches us hanging out in the yard.

I was sitting alone by a tree, while my teacher was a bit farther, quite absorbed and scribbling something on his tablet, as he was doing often lately.

2018-09-07 07:56:38

Basic Dot alexander

Myself, daydreaming and rather immersed in my thoughts, I failed to pay attention to what was going on. It was not until I heard the loud voice of my father that I turn my head around and see him raging all over my teacher, all while waving his hands in the air like a madman:

-"What in the world is going on? I believe I am paying you to be teaching my son. What are you doing here, and what is he doing over there? Explain yourself!"

2018-09-07 07:57:37

Basic Dot alexander

My teacher, looking quite calm and undisturbed by this lashing out, slowly leaves the tablet by his desk, stands up, turns and looking at him straight in the eyes, responds firmly:

-"I've taught your son all about the sciences, all about the arts, the history and the depths of human psyche. All that is written down in books about this world, is right there, inside his head. Test him and he'll swiftly respond with an answer. ...

2018-09-07 07:58:52

Basic Dot alexander

... And now that my work is almost complete, time has come for what I believe to be the most valuable lesson of them all."

A pause is heard, and my father, looking quite calmed and having regretted his doubts and unjust anger, asks now in genuine curiosity:

-"What is that lesson? What is the most valuable lesson of them all, o teacher?"

2018-09-07 07:59:41

Basic Dot alexander

-"Thinking for himself."

2018-09-07 08:00:40

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