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Filigree is an invite only website where you can post, comment, and follow people.

I like the internet. I like the idea of social networks. In practice, I feel that all major social networks have problems.

Here are some problems and possible solutions:

Too much noise, not enough signal: To help combat trolls, spam, bots, and other types of low quality posts: filigree is invite only. When a user is banned the user who invited the banned user will be reviewed and may lose the ability to invite new users or be banned themselves. The notion of "don't feed the trolls" is the wrong strategy.

Addictive design: Social websites use insidious design to manipulate their users into reflexively checking constantly - that is sleazy. I want users to enjoy using filigree, I want users to spend time here of their own accord. To that end, filigree will not have any sort of notification system (for now, there is probably an ok way to do opt-in notifications).

Calm: Social websites bombard their users with media. Filigree is designed to showcase the content of the posts and a small piece of user flair, nothing more.

Tracking: Social websites love to track their users and build detailed profiles on the type of person the user is. They sell this information to anyone with enough money. That's bad. Filigree will never do that. However, because posts are public, it is inevitable that third parties will crawl the website and gather data on you anyway. This is hard to stop! If you are concerned: register with a username you've never used before and never post information that could be used to identify you.

Smart feeds: I don't like smart feeds, they take control away from the user. Filigree posts are displayed in the order they were posted. If you follow someone, you will see their posts in your feed.

Quality: small and excellent over big and gross.

Good gardening: If tended well from the start, an internet community can grow into something lovely. Filigree will be actively moderated.

Kris's Dot kris

Here are some rules I'd like you to follow:

1: Be excellent to each other. We're humans, we're better at behaving graciously in person than we are on the internet, therefore we have to work a little extra to bring that graciousness along.

2: Invite thoughtfully, if you are inviting lots of jerks we will ban you and the jerks.

3: Remember the lessons of Carl Sagan, Fred Rogers, and Bob Ross. Let's be silly and joyful and thoughtful and curious and sometimes serious and willing to grow with each other.